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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  October 5, 2016 11:30pm-11:59pm EDT

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>> i gotta be honest i don't like baseball's one-game wildcard, i think it should be a series but since it was instituted in 2012, of the eight winners half have gone to the championships and two on to the world series and only one has won it all, that is the giants and wouldn't you know it they are back this year facing the mets. we are scoreless in the sixth and look at this one, grand is out one off of the wall, what a catch, and then see you later. a three-run shot and the giants are out to a 3-0 lead, but meantime ba baumgartener was
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and with this powerful left foot the game is tied at 1, and the call finds keith savage, lasted into the back of the net and the game is tied at 2:00. two. and today was a day for the pukbucks to break the hundle and huddle andline up with the comm. >> it's the bucs and the united way, a day for play rers and the organization to make a difference.
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it better for us today and for generations to come. >> this work on the silver sul chfewer springs school, and research center is not only impacting the community but also the club. >> it's amazing to see kids doing stuff like this. >> it's hard to tell who had the players. >> the entire buc buccaneers business office is here, and they are giving back to the community and getting their hands dirty. >> this embodies everything happening today, we are reaching out to the community and taking care of kids. it's so important to us. >> kevin o'donnell, for fox 13 sports. >> and they play monday against the panthers.
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the news keeps going on line, at right now money, power and politics is coming your way. >> parkw and there was so much m talk that we ran out of time to tell you that bon jovi is coming to tampa. >> i'm livin' o>> you are halfw. you know me, i grew up here. and while politics and the political parties may have... changed, i haven't. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... the people. to protect social security and medicare.
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cut social security and medicare, take away a women's right to choose, or defund planned parenthood. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first. i always have, and always will. ?? ?? ?? ?? know you can save today
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we'll show you how the vp debate affected the race and how
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>> i was discouraged. because e had taken the time out to vote and then it came back and didn't count. >> we investigate problems that can wipe out your vote or swech your party without your consent. >> i registered as democrat. when i got there i was no party. ifts independent. >> charley leduff follows your money to the dark side of new detroit. >> hundreds of millions of public dollars have gone in the purse of private developers. >> scott smith is back to help call the odd b on the trail. this is money, power & politics. compared to the trump clinton debate the pence kaine matchup is dish water. kaine overcompensated for a self-described boring nature by snip anding sfap anding rolling out catch phrases. >> you are donald trump's apprentice. >> if you score on style
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we predicted last night he got bed reviews from pun dits and focus groups. most didn't land and he looked nervous and feisty and he hearsed in a year when voters crave authenticity. he landed a couple of punches by catching him in contradictions. the most striking example is denying putin is a better leader than president obama when that's what he said. >> governor pence said, in leader than president obama. >> that is absolutely inaccurate. >> i think it's inarguable that putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been in this country. >> kaine and the moderators tried to pin him down on other points. why does he think it's okay for trump to with hold tax afters pence released ten years of his returns. peps had a way of damaging questions he does not want to
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broader opponent than chewing clock. he did the same with us. >> does donald trump calling hillary clinton quote the cofounder of isis strike you as in any way insid area or inflammatory or over the top. >> there's no question the failed leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton in the wider middle east created the conditions which isis was created. >> in terms of choice of words you said name calling has no place in public life. calling names like crazy bernie and calling hillary clinton the devil. >> donald trump and i have different styles but we have the same goals and exactly the same convictions. >> i ask if he has exactly the same convictions why he endorsed ted cruz in the primaries instead of trump. pence responded by repeating how proud he is to stand with trump. in the end pence turned in a stronger debate performance.
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impact. pence may have stalled clintons advance after a run of bad news for donald trump. and maybe have given trump -- at that end so did bill clinton tieing himself in knots over obamacare! you have this crazy system where 25 million more people have healthcare. the people busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with premiums doubled and koefrj cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the >> the affordable healthcare act did a world of good. a the 50 spg efforts to repeal it was a mistake. >> we'll show you how that will affect the race. first its wednesday night and it's game night with scott smith. teem to play and help him make the call. in sports scott smith makes us call the plays. but in politics we put him to test.
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>> scott smith. scott, you've been on fire. >> i'm doing good. i'm ready to keep going. [cheering] >> before we show you anything, i want to start off with a quote which begins, somebody says, this country needs a leader. i think i have a much higher iq than you do i suspect and i'd be delighted to compare my iq to yours. somebody said was that president obama? vice president biden? senator nelson on donald trump? >> i'm feeling good from last week. i think i got some of that trump vibe. d, donald trump. >> is he talking about his irk q? take a look. >> this country needs a leader. >> i have a much higher iq than you do, i suspect. i'd be tliethed to compare mine to yours. >> you would think it might have been donald trump but it was joe biden. we tripped you out. we're going with the biden theme.
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he's introducing the president of the united states. how does he introduce the president of united states. here's how it starts. >> a man who will be the next president of the united states... >> a man who will be the next president of the united states. does he say, barack biden sf barack america? barack me amadeus or he's barack the man, man? i'm going to go, is it a? barack biden? >> it might be a. let's see. >> the man who will be the next president of the united states barack america. >> month. barack america. not barack biden. barack america. well, you're still one and one. >> didn't he introduce himself as the president once? >> yeah. he's done a lot of things. >> okay. that's where the wires are crossed. >> when you stay on a biden theme he says many things that
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which brings us once more to a quote from joe biden. >> how is the time to heed the timeless advice from teddy roosevelt. >> the timeless advice from teddy roosevelt. what is that timeless advise? speak softly an carry a big stick? cred belongs to the man whose face is marred bedust, sweat and blood. is it i'm going to trust, bust you up. or is it friends don't let friends vote >> okay. you know, i want to say a. >> he could have said any of these. >> i want to say a but i'm leaning toward c. i'm going to go c. i'm going to trust bust you up. >> it's a biden thing to say. take a look. >> now is the time to heed the timeless advice from teddy roosevelt. speak softly and carry a big stick. end of quote.
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>> e knew it. >> the obvious one. i gave you the fake ones. >> you've done a good job of conning me. >> i did. he didn't end the quote. h said more. end of quote. that's not one of the choices. he follows it up by saying and i swear sometimes you have to beat people over the head with that stick. nobody laughs. or, b, instead of softly i've been known to speak awfully? >> a moment of ca >> he asked a paralyzed man or d says i promise you the president has a big stick? >> yeah. let's go d. >> does he do that? take a look. >> speak softly and car ray big stick. end of quote. i promise you the president has a big stick. >> there you go. you got it. >> yeah. >> we probably should have ended on that.
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to end on. >> i have tears. >> one more. rob thorn. this is a good way to end it. this could be an e easy one. >> against it. that's why we're having it. excuse me me, guys. >> what does he do next? trip on his shoe laces and face plant on the floor? dance to bob marley's one love? i like that song. >> does he run into a camera and face plant into a lens? or does he say something high bleep? >> i think d is entirely possible. but i want to think that this is kind of a member chris foley? i think it's one of those oments. k it's one of those a fall is coming. >> that leaves you a or c? >> i'm going to go c. >> take a look. >> excuse me, guys. >> that looks like it hurt. >> that did hurt.
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last week. scott, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> good round. >> ended on an p note. >> that's right. >> coming up. our investigation of problems that could cost your vote or
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this week in florida more than two and a half million
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mail. we're seeing a huge spike if vote by mail requests and it looks as if half the vote in florida may be in before election day. if you plan to vote by mail your ballot can get rejected for reasons you may not expect. we investigated one of the problems a couple of years ago. ? ? >> within vote can make a difference. >> one vote. >> turn out and vote. >> vote. >> and activists urge us to vote. >> we want everybody's vote to count. >> every vote counts. >> get out and vote. >> it's important for us that votes are counted. >> every vote counts. >> we discovered thousands of votes in florida do not count. >> i'm not a happy camper over it. >> margaret is a registered florida voter casting her ballots for the past 45 years.
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>> but when we checked the canvassing report we found out her vote for romney in 2012 didn't count. her vote for david jolly this year for congress didn't count either. >> really disappointed. oh. >> she had a stroke and her handwriting changed. her ballots were rejected because her signature on the ballot no longer matched her official signature on file. >> this woman had a stroke. she's not going to sign t >> it hurts because i've been doing it so long. >> she's not alone. in the congressional race between david jolly and alex synch179 rentaling sistered voters were rejected. in the st. pete mayors race and municipal elections 58 votes rejected for the seam ring. jessica voted in both race and both of her ballot weres thrown out. >> i was kind of discouraged
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to vote and then it came back and didn't count. >> remember, florida once decided a national election by 537 votes. we don't know hom of those ballots were scratched due to signature variations because a lot of records from 2000 are gone. but in the 2012 race for president, just in the tampa bay region, signature variations from registered vote rs cost more than 900 people their votes. >> they may have been registered to vote for 20 or 3 signature and now it doesn't look anything like their signature when they registered to vote. >> this affects seniors when their handwriting changes over time and younger voters who may sign up before they perfect their signatures. >> maybe how you signed your name at the d-m-v when you preregistered to vote at 16 is not how you sign your name now that you have a career. >> constantly signing documents.
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shortened and quicker and sloppy. >> the law requires election offices to compare signatures of mail in ballots to protect the integrity of the votes. election supervisors send letters to people notifying them when their signatures do not match. they say this problem is si for effective voters to fed ex. >> it's important that people keep updating those registration forms with their signature on it. >> we don't want to discourage anyone from vote by mail but don't scribble the signature. if you think you have an outdated signature reach out and sign a form to update your signature. if you have trouble signing for some reason, election managers suggest a distinguishing mark that you can replicate. if you vote by mail. you also need to make sure your sign the envelope as required by law. on a different note, you might want to check your voter registration. after the primary this year dozens of voters told us their registration was switched
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>> checked all the boxes and crossed all the t's. >> voters like jason brooks said they are certain they registered at democrats or republicans before the deadline. >> i registered democrat. when it got there i was independent. >> we found nearly a dozen cases. >> it happened to a friend of mine. >> we except finding more. >> maybe twenty or thirty. somewhere around there that came o my attention. there may have been more. i don't know. >> most voters we newed a license or tax collector. then somehow their registration switched or defaulted to independent. they don't remember ever signing anything to give up their party and with it the ability to vote in a primary. supervisor of elections ties the problem to outdated computers across the state. >> you know e i know they have a very cumbersome computer system antiquated they are dealing with.
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right screen when they make that selection, that's where the problem seem to occur. >> so, if they don't ask someone about their party because they are there for something else, they can get switched. >> because all somebody is trying to do is change their address. then when the button is pushed it's now taken their, whatever their party affiliation was and put it to unknown which defaults to n-p-a and r-is. >> young voters who may be more likely to move may be more likely to get switched. that may election in november but it can burn voters down the road in closed primaries. coming up. charley leduff tracked federal coming up. charley leduff tracked federal tax dollars from ?? with this level of engineering... coming up. charley leduff tracked federal tax dollars from it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury...
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that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. while detroit is coming out of brupgs, a lot of tax money in florida and across the nation is flowing in detroit. all through this year we investigated some questionable spending that you believe. and since the cities iconic globe is turned off. charley leduff has the dark side of new detroit. >> the neon globe atop the building, the glowing heart of detroit since the 1920s is out. once suspects the simplest of reasons, money.
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on it. when you look into the midnight sky and see darkness where light once shined you may wonder, is it really dawn in detroit? since the city went bankrupt, hundreds of millions of public dollars have gone into the purses of private developers. meanwhile, the people complain their bills go up while their schools fall down. michigan businesses will pay the state nothing in taxes this year thanks to generous corporate welfare. meanwhile, the people str to pay mortgages, taxes, their water and grocery bills. the restaurants are full but the soup lines are long. there are winners in the new detroit and there are losers. and the beacon that shined over the city, even through the great depression is out. >> charley followed the tax money to florida in fortunate in questionable contracts in detroit. watch the full investigations on youtube. search for craig patrick money
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coming up. updated projections in the presidential race and new
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>>well, we've seen the numbers can turn on a dime. right now the projections and forecast favor hillary clinton will start with 538 and giving hillary clinton a 76% chance of
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elections were held today. versus 24% for donald trump. she also has a grip on the electoral college at 272 according to larry saboto. if you look at an average of polls trump crossed the nation down some four points. but he has time to recover his best chance will be sunday night in their next debate. in florida senate race rubio has very slight edge. operative word slight. in the latest fox 13 polling. we'll continue to track both race and more. that's our sho see you again tomorrow night. take care. real-time closed captioning
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in the middle of the night. >> can't believe "empire" tonight. >> you can't whoop ass i'm going to unleash on your tail. >> what up, everybody? welcome to the show. we have a good one for you all today. she's not only in the middle but she's to my left. we've got her in the house. a sneak peek of mariah on


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